disk type winding

disk type winding
  1. дисковая катушечная обмотка


дисковая катушечная обмотка
Катушечная обмотка, собранная из отдельно намотанных катушек, выполненных в виде плоских спиралей из одного провода или нескольких параллельных проводов
[ГОСТ 16110-82]

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Aluminum or copper foil disk in high voltage winding.

Обмотка высшего напряжения дискового типа из алюминиевой или медной полосы.
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Medium voltage, dry-type transformers may have their high voltage windings constructed using either the layer winding technique or the disc winding technique.

In the disc winding, the required number of turns are wound in a number of horizontal discs spaced along the axial length of the coil. The conductor is usually rectangular in cross-section and the turns are wound in a radial direction, one on top of the other i.e. one turn per layer, until the required number of turns per disc has been wound. The conductor is then moved to the next disc and the process repeated until all turns have been wound. There is an air space, or duct, between each pair of discs. The disc winding requires insulation only on the conductor itself, no additional insulation is required between layers, as in the layer winding.

Disc winding

The disc wound high voltage winding is usually wound in two halves, in order that the required voltage adjustment taps may be positioned at the electrical center of the winding. In this way the magnetic, or effective length of the winding is maintained, irrespective of which tap is used, and therefore the magnetic balance between primary and secondary windings is always close to its optimum. This is essential to maintain the short circuit strength of the winding, and reduces the axial electromagnetic forces which arise when the windings are not perfectly balanced.

Transformer with disc wound coils

[Dry-Type disc wound transformers in medium voltage applications. Derek R. Foster I.Eng. MIIE]

Computer aided winding process
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  • обмотка


  • дисковая обмотка


  • disc type winding
  • disc winding
  • disk type winding
  • disk winding

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